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Becky, our facility liaison, has been out sharing the news about our rebranding from John’s Rx Southwest to Alliant LTC Pharmacy the past few weeks. I want to share a great email that one of our current customers sent.

“That’s good news. I hope things don’t change as this is the best experience I have had with a pharmacy at this facility.” 

To which a co-worker replied:

“Totally agree!!! Best Pharmacy experience ever. Thank you for all you do.”

Rest assured – our goal in rebranding is to continue to provide the same great service you know and trust while embracing a name that better reflects who we are and what we do. The name “Alliant” was chosen because it reflects our belief that we our allies with our facility, we understand them, and we work with them. We thought it was important to include “LTC” in our name because it emphasizes our commitment to this type of pharmacy; long-term care pharmacy is our specialty.

Every pharmacy dispenses medicine. At Alliant LTC Pharmacy we deliver more than medicine. We deliver the knowledge, service, commitment, reliability, and innovation individualized support living services (ISL), assisted living facilities (ALF) and skilled nursing facilities (SNF) in southwest Missouri can count on.

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