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Thank you, Ascend with Missouri State West Plains, for having us out for your very first transition fair. We had a great day discussing the benefits of assistive medication technology with the local students, teachers, and others.

Congratulations on a successful transition fair and we’ll see you again next year!

Becky, our facility liaison, has been out sharing the news about our rebranding from John’s Rx Southwest to Alliant LTC Pharmacy the past few weeks. I want to share a great email that one of our current customers sent.

“That’s good news. I hope things don’t change as this is the best experience I have had with a pharmacy at this facility.” 

To which a co-worker replied:

“Totally agree!!! Best Pharmacy experience ever. Thank you for all you do.”

Rest assured – our goal in rebranding is to continue to provide the same great service you know and trust while embracing a name that better reflects who we are and what we do. The name “Alliant” was chosen because it reflects our belief that we our allies with our facility, we understand them, and we work with them. We thought it was important to include “LTC” in our name because it emphasizes our commitment to this type of pharmacy; long-term care pharmacy is our specialty.

Every pharmacy dispenses medicine. At Alliant LTC Pharmacy we deliver more than medicine. We deliver the knowledge, service, commitment, reliability, and innovation individualized support living services (ISL), assisted living facilities (ALF) and skilled nursing facilities (SNF) in southwest Missouri can count on.

LTC pharmacy is what we do. Part of that is being able to connect with your organization’s electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) and electronic health record (eHR) systems. If you have an integration request let us know. Typically, our answer is “Yes! Our pharmacy software can and does integrate with your dispensing and facility management systems.

Here’s a list of the 61 eMAR and eHR systems we currently interface with:

  1. Accuflo
  2. ADL Systems, Inc.
  3. AllScripts
  4. Almsa (Yardi)
  5. American Healthcare (AHC)
  6. American Health Tech
  7. American Data-ECS
  8. Answers on Demand
  9. Blue Step BridgeGate
  10. Blue Step iMAR
  11. Bluestrata
  12. Brightree
  13. Cantata Health, LLC
  14. CaraSolva
  15. Caremerge
  16. CareSmart, LLC
  17. Catalyst oneMAR
  18. Cerner
  19. Chartmed
  20. Collain Healthcare
  21. CompuCare
  22. CorEMR
  23. cueSHIFT
  24. E & I Software
  25. Eldermark
  26. Epic
  27. Evey
  28. Exactmed iMAR
  29. ECP (Extended Care Pro)
  30. FlexMAR
  31. Gravitive
  32. HealthMEDX (Vision)
  33. Imargin MedDispense
  34. iCareManager
  35. Kipu
  36. LG CNS EHR
  37. LinTech
  38. MatrixCare
  39. Med e-Care
  40. Mediture by Cognify
  41. Med Management Technology
  42. Medright by Emissary Tech
  43. MedTelligent by Alis
  44. Netsmart’s Avatar
  45. NextGen
  46. New Tech Computer Systems
  47. Optimus EMR
  48. OmegaLTC
  49. PioneerACMS
  50. PointClickCare
  51. QuickMar
  52. Reliable Health EHR
  53. ResiDex
  54. Sigma Care for LTC
  55. Sigmund Software
  56. Sushoo
  57. Senior Living/Tabulapro
  58. Therap
  59. Washsense
  60. WellSky Interactant
  61. Yardi
John's Rx Southwest is rebranding as Alliant LTC Pharmacy

We’ve got some big news to share. On January 1, 2022, John’s Rx Southwest LLC is rebranding as Alliant LTC Pharmacy LLC.

  • Why Rebrand?
    • We want our name to reflect our focus.
    • We are not like other pharmacies. We don’t serve retail customers. We don’t dabble in long-term care.
    • We are ALL IN on serving patients who require additional care.
    • “Southwest” restricted us geographically. Our new name allows us to continue to grow throughout Missouri.
    • For facilities and group homes, we are your ALLY – simplifying dispensing, optimizing therapies, and going the extra mile for you.
    • Alliant LTC Pharmacy – Delivering More Than Medicine
  • What’s New?
    • New Name:  Alliant LTC Pharmacy
    • New Logo: see above
    • New Website:
    • New Email addresses. Don’t worry – our current email addresses will forward mail to our new email address.
  • What’s not Changing?
    • Same location: 5497 N. 17th Street., Ozark, MO 65721
    • Same phone number: 417-485-6200
    • Same amazing staff!
    • Local Ownership
    • We still have common ownership with John’s Rx in Cape Girardeau, yet part of our rebranding will help avoid confusion between the two locations
    • Our commitment to you. We are ALL IN on serving individualized supported living services (ISL), assisted living facilities (ALF), and skilled nursing facilities (SNF).
  • New Business Welcome
    • Know of a facility or organization not getting the love they should from their pharmacy? Let us know. We’d love to talk with them.

Customer testimonials are powerful! We love hearing about our current customer experiences. One of our customers just wrote:

“I appreciate that the pharmacy works efficiently to meet our residents needs and overall the facility’s needs. We are very grateful… and would recommend the pharmacy to anyone looking.”

Thanks Rebecca for that testimonial!

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