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14 Nov: Thank you Ascend, Missouri State – West Plains

Thank you, Ascend with Missouri State West Plains, for having us out for your very first transition fair. We had a great day discussing the benefits of assistive medication technology with the local students, teachers, and others. Congratulations on a successful transition fair and we’ll see you again next year!

01 Dec: Rebranding Update

Becky, our facility liaison, has been out sharing the news about our rebranding from John’s Rx Southwest to Alliant LTC Pharmacy the past few weeks. I want to share a great email that one of our current customers sent. “That’s good news. I hope things don’t change as this is the best experience I have had with a pharmacy at this facility.”  To which a co-worker replied: “Totally agree!!! Best Pharmacy experience ever. Thank you…

01 Dec: Does Your Pharmacy Interface with your eMAR or eHR?

LTC pharmacy is what we do. Part of that is being able to connect with your organization’s electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) and electronic health record (eHR) systems. If you have an integration request let us know. Typically, our answer is “Yes! Our pharmacy software can and does integrate with your dispensing and facility management systems.” Here’s a list of the 61 eMAR and eHR systems we currently interface with: Accuflo ADL Systems, Inc. AllScripts…

John's Rx Southwest is rebranding as Alliant LTC Pharmacy

01 Dec: Big News – We’re Rebranding as Alliant LTC Pharmacy

We’ve got some big news to share. On January 1, 2022, John’s Rx Southwest LLC is rebranding as Alliant LTC Pharmacy LLC. Why Rebrand? We want our name to reflect our focus. We are not like other pharmacies. We don’t serve retail customers. We don’t dabble in long-term care. We are ALL IN on serving patients who require additional care. “Southwest” restricted us geographically. Our new name allows us to continue to grow throughout Missouri….

01 Dec: We love Customer Testimonials!

Customer testimonials are powerful! We love hearing about our current customer experiences. One of our customers just wrote: “I appreciate that the pharmacy works efficiently to meet our residents needs and overall the facility’s needs. We are very grateful… and would recommend the pharmacy to anyone looking.” Thanks Rebecca for that testimonial!