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Two white, modern medical devices are shown. The Spencer device on the left displays a green, winking face icon. The device on the right shows a touchscreen interface with options like "Contact Pharmacist," "Video Tutorials," and "Alert Volume," among others.


Spencer is great for anybody taking medication, especially if there’s any concern about missing doses, you want to make sure meds are working as they should or simply to enjoy the peace of mind of having a connected care team.

A white circular electronic pill dispenser with multiple compartments filled with colorful pills stands on a white base. The center features a digital screen displaying the time, date, and medication schedule. Crafted by Dose Health, it includes two side handles for easy transport.

Dose Health

Dose flip is a lockable smart pill box to help safely manage medications. At the scheduled time, the dose flip will sound an alarm and flash light. To dispense, the individual simply flips the pill box over into their hand or a cup to take their medication.
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Impruvon Health

Impruvon health simplifies and streamlines medication management for individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as assists the organizations that support them. The impruvon health platform is comprised of (1) easy to use apps that prompt and guide medication management and (2) a connected medbox that provides access to the right medications at the right times for the right people. Impruvon health collects all necessary electronic medication record data automatically while assisting individuals and teams with managing the medications.

What Is Assistive Technology?

According to the missouri department of mental health, assistive technology is any device or technology that helps a person with a disability to live as independently as possible. Assistive technology includes simple low-tech products such as a visual aid or reaching device. It also includes electronic devices and systems such as automatic door openers, medication dispensing devices, home automation systems, visual doorbells, touch-screen communication devices, cell phone applications, and many more products and systems.

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Alliant LTC Pharmacy | Assistive Technology - How Do I Request Assistive Technology Services?

How Do I Request Assistive Technology Services?

These waiver approved services are requested through a support coordinator and are required to be addressed at least annually during a person-centered planning meeting. Person-centered plan is a live document, intended to change as the individuals’ needs change. You do not have to wait for your formal person-centered planning meeting to talk to a support coordinator about requesting services.

What Is Alliant Ltc Pharmacy’s Commitment to Assistive Technology?

Alliant ltc pharmacy is a leader in assistive technology. We believe through technology individuals can gain independence and improve their health outcomes through medication adherence and compliance. As a pharmacy, we support our assistive technology partners through supporting their technology and packaging needs.

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